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Are you a professional looking to enhance your leadership skills or a business owner seeking to optimise performance?
I offer personalised coaching to help you build confidence, refine your vision, and overcome limiting beliefs. Ready to lead with impact and achieve your full potential?
Let's connect and embark on this transformative journey together!

Take control of your business, life and relationships by learning to listen to the real you

Ready to shatter limitations, silence self-doubt and ignite the confidence to build your dream life and career?

Nikki Hill with her Cocker Spaniel Dog

I'm Nikki Hill...

Tired of feeling like the imposter in your own boardroom?

That used to be me. Years spent building a successful career, yet plagued by self-doubt. That's why I became a Life & Business Confidence Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. You, the driven leader with a vision, are what truly matters.

See, I believe every entrepreneur and leader deserves unshakeable confidence. I help silence the inner critic and unlock the power within you to build the thriving business (and life) you deserve.

People are amazing; you're amazing, but so many people have something holding them back from letting all that amazing-ness out.


I certainly did, and you might recognise the story. Having everything you're supposed to have; a job, a relationship, a life, but still having a feeling that something isn't quite right; I felt unfulfilled; “is this it?” you find yourself thinking.


Let me tell you something I learned; that's not it. There's so much more to you.


Life's not about having a business, a career, a relationship; it's about getting yourself the right business, the right career, the right relationship, and you can only do that by keeping in really close contact with yourself. You have to hear that inner voice, inspiration and values that really define who you are, and the life you want to lead.


Losing touch with yourself is a tough thing to realise and admit, but a great coach helped me break through my barriers and realise I shouldn't be in recruitment; because I found the people so much more interesting than the jobs!


And you're probably here because there's something troubling you too, something feeling not quite right.


Whether it's overwhelm taking those early steps in starting and building a business, or that feeling of something lacking in your life even though you've ticked off all those boxes you're supposed to tick off. Perhaps you want a complete change, or are just stalling getting started in life. 


Whatever it is I want to hear all about it, and help you rediscover, and discover, your own inner inspiration so you can start building the life, career and relationships you truly want.

Life, Mindset, and Business Coaching with Nikki

I want to help you hear yourself and push past feeling lost, overwhelmed, or anything less than the amazing person you are. NLP coaching helps you rediscover those core values that make you who you are, clearing confusion about which direction to go in and making any obstacle or challenge possible to overcome.

1 to 1 mindset coaching

You don’t have to do it all alone, work with me on a one-to-one basis and see positive results from your very first session. Together we will get your thoughts and beliefs to where you can easily create and sustain the goals and ambitions you once thought of only as dreams.


Life and business transformational coaching is where it becomes reality; goals get reached and exceeded and life gets better in every way. You’ll learn so much more about yourself and how to turn that insight into developing greater success and freedom in your life.


Your mindset and the way you think really does determine your quality of life, and you should have the greatest life possible. Let’s get started today with transformational coaching;

The Coach Connection Club

Hey, I know first hand how tough it is getting started in the coaching world. You think you've done all the work training and certifying as a coach; you may even have fallen for some of those courses promising you a six-figure income if you just sign up; I know I did.


And then BAM! Reality! How do you find your place in this big, diverse and competitive world of coaching?


I don't want this to be the experience for any more coaches, so I created The Coach Connection Club. This Club provides the kind of expertise, discussion, and general business support every new coach needs to get started building and levelling up their coaching business.


Working together we create a powerful relationship, building expertise and business knowledge to stand out in a noisy world. By sharing our experiences, continuing our coaching practice, and learning from guest speakers we can all increase our confidence to be successful coaches.


Amazing things are possible when we work together, and we all share that bond of wanting to help others, so wherever you are in your journey into coaching; growth, support, and learning is always available for you at The Coach Connection Club.

The Coach Connection Club

Business Coaching

I've experienced the loneliness and overwhelm that starting up and building a business can make you feel; entrepreneurs and small business owners have to wear so many hats it's easy to lose track of why you started, or to just get lost in the feelings of overwhelm, doubt, and insecurity.


Sometimes we need to realign and reconnect with the things that are most important to us; the things that inspired us to start a business in the very beginning, and that's where business coaching can help you take back control and achieve balance in your life. 


Fall back in love with your work, and keep connected to your vision and your dream through all the demands the future brings.


I'm here to help you succeed; whatever it is holding you back, business coaching is that missing piece of support, encouragement and focus to keep you connected to your core values and goals.

Boundary Breakers

I work with creative entrepreneurs who want to break boundaries, and this transformational coaching program pushes you beyond your comfort zone to find new perspectives, new ideas, and new ways to create, monetise and up-level your business something amazing.


During this 3 month program we will increase your focus and clarity, building incredible self-confidence in who you are, and what you want to do, so you know exactly where you're going with your business, and the life that surrounds it.


This course will empower you to break free from old habits, release negative self beliefs that are holding you back, and discover a new, transformational, powerful you.


Boundary breaking is all about feeling the freedom to unleash your talents, live a life of impact, and break-up with your negative self; join the course and rediscover your inner power.

Boundary Breakers_Final_01.png

Featured Posts

The proof is in the pudding! Dive into these amazing client testimonials and get inspired!

Suzannah M, Therapy & Holistic Health Business Owner

I feel truly blessed to have been coached by Nikki who has enabled me to understand and overcome blocks and self limiting beliefs which had previously prevented me from progressing my business, passion and true path.

Nikki has a wonderful natural talent to see the potential in others before they are consciously aware themselves. She expertly navigated me around areas that had previously seemed overwhelming. Through her own life experience and extensive knowledge, Nikki sensitively helped me define priorities and accomplish tasks to expand myself and my business to what I only dreamed possible. Things began to flow quickly and easily and I have loved every moment of the journey!

I would absolutely recommend Nikki's coaching services to anyone who wants to unlock their super powers and sky rocket their business. 

From the bottom of my heart I thank you Nicola Hill - you are a dream maker!

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