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Boundary Breakers
Nikki Hill

VIP Program

This program is for powerful women who want to break boundaries, this course will teach you how to finally break up with your negative self and break into a new transformative belief system.  You will feel empowered to achieve the goals and dreams you once thought weren’t possible. 


Boundary Breakers™ is a program designed specifically for women who know that by getting out of their comfort zone and their own way they will create something amazing. 


This program is for women who know it is their time, their life, and it’s time to make the most of it. 


In this program, I will teach you skills that will transform your life, increase your confidence and self-esteem.

During this course you will;


🧡 Break free from self-set limiting beliefs 

🧡 Break free from old habits that no longer serve you

🧡 Break free from any unspoken shame you are carrying 

🧡 Break free from the fears that are holding you back 

🧡 Break free from your negative self-talk

🧡 Break free from the worries that keeps you up at night

Person jumping

In this 6-week program you will learn amazing life skills that will transform your goals, dreams and wishes into reality.  You will break free from old habits that are holding you back and break into a new transformational belief system.

This program will help you take your life to a new level;


↠ Recognise and unleash your talents 

↠ Live a life of impact and purpose 

↠ Create a more successful and abundant life 

↠ Break up with your negative self-talk

↠ Gain a renewed sense of self-confidence and self-esteem  

↠ Gain a strong sense of self-worth

↠ Gain clarity on what dreams and aspirations

↠ Have a better relationship with yourself and others

↠ Gain clarity and feel reconnected to your values 

↠ Have the mindset that creates success

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You will integrate these learning into creating an impactful, successful and empowering business and lifestyle.  Lessons I have used in my life to create a business and life I love and am grateful for every day 🧡

You will have a life you Love

Break the mould, be a Boundary Breaker

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