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“The Business Coaching program that creates massive (and profitable) change for creative entrepreneurs.”

BUsiness Coaching

Hey creative genius, welcome home --where you’re welcome to show up with all that passion, energy, and creativity (the stuff that sometimes shows up as chaos). 


Starting and building a new business is an incredible journey, but it can sometimes feel like a lonely and overwhelming uphill battle too.


Nikki's 12-session, one-to-one small business coaching program is for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to push through the barriers that make it feel that way, and find new perspectives and energy to move their company forward.


If you ever feel lost among the to-do lists and admin and are starting to lose sight of why you started your business in the first place, our tailored coaching and training sessions support you in re-connecting, re-energising and re-aligning with the goals you really want to achieve.


This bespoke set of sessions, designed to fit you and your business, will explore and challenge the limiting beliefs holding you back from taking the next big step forward. Entrepreneur coach Nikki goes beyond building confidence, providing business support or assisting you in adjusting work-life balance, to tap into your unique skills, talents and vision. The program is about unleashing a powerful, uncompromising you, ready to create the success you really want for your life, company and career.


NLP coaching and training sessions work with your thought processes, behaviours, psychology and formative experiences to help you really understand what success means to you; what's getting in your way, what your drivers are and how to evolve your small business into a dream business.

Nikki Hill Business Coach
BUsiness Coaching

What if I told you that...…

You can be every bit the creative, messy, beautiful-minded entrepreneur you already are. 


No need to “reign it in”, or become smaller because you’ve been told that’s how “real business owners” run business. 


You can “get visible” without feeling weird or like you’re attention-seeking. 


That’s right--you can show up exactly as you are and still get the following results: 


  • Increased confidence in how you show up in your business

  • Charging more for what you do

  • Selling without feeling like a greasy old salesman 

  • Showcasing your work in a way that gets noticed by your dream customers

  • Drill-down directly into your zone of genius (and help you ditch anything that doesn’t fall squarely in that zone)

  • Clarity and structure that gives you all of the space to be wildly creative AND have a step-by-step plan in place that gets you where you want to go


How to get started

£2798 Pay in Full (3 months working together)

£957 Payment Plan (3 payments)

6 sessions available £1,399

Identify and take control of your business, brand and mindset

The biggest challenge is always getting started, but as every business owner knows there are constant new challenges along the way, which are often faced alone by small businesses and entrepreneurs without a big team to delegate to.


And no one can make great decisions when they're tired, stressed or overwhelmed. Businesses thrive when your mind is clear, focused on what you want, and equipped with a strategy to get you there. 


So if you know there is something holding you back, or you are tired of feeling lost, or you need to find time to work on what really matters to you, then this program is ideal for you. 


Take action; the first step from small business to dream business is a phone call, contact Nikki today about her entrepreneur, start-up and small business coaching services.

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