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Confidence in Business Bundle

What could you achieve with a little more confidence?


Do you daydream of the things you’d be able to do if nothing held you back?


Are you ready to continue your journey of self-discovery and confidence enhancement?


Yes! Then more confidence starts here!


We all have confidence, but we don’t all give ourselves a break on the days when we don’t feel so self-assured or even know what to do when our confidence needs a little boost.

I imagine you’re here because you know what that feels like.

You are not alone!

You recognise the frustration of wanting to reach for your dreams and not having the confidence to go for it.

Your business isn’t moving in the direction you’d like because you don’t have the confidence to make the leap.

You know the feeling all too well of turning on yourself when you don’t get things done because you don’t feel confident enough. 

You might even be doing that right now by questioning whether this bundle will help with your confidence because you don’t feel worth it or good enough.

And there it is… those feelings of frustration and of being stuck return. 

Yeesh — see this one is sneaky. Because so often, lack of confidence likes to disguise itself as procrastination. It’s just your brain’s way of “protecting you”...keeping you playing small so you don’t trip and get hurt. 

So, take a quick moment...say “thanks brain! I see you trying to keep me safe...but it’s time for me to show up bigger and play a different game.” 

Inside this bundle, you’ll have access to my Confidence Becomes You Masterclass —where I talk about that it’s one single confident step that leads to more and more, until it becomes second nature. 

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Confidence can come and go


It takes continued practice and repetition and that’s exactly what this bundle helps you with.


Passion, practice and repetition are key ingredients here.


Wouldn’t it be great to have a few tools that you could access on the days you need to tap into and boost your confidence? 


Wouldn’t it be great to know what practice will increase your confidence?


When you say yes, you are getting access to tools I have personally used with clients to transform their levels of confidence and success.


The Confidence in Business Bundle is close to my heart as I know first-hand what’s it feels like when you don’t feel confident. 

I recognise that sinking feeling when you want to move towards your goals with confidence and clarity and instead, you find yourself standing still or worse moving in the opposite direction. 

So, I’ve put together powerful coaching tools I’ve used to transform my confidence and give me that all important boost on the days I need it the most.

I’m sharing this with you inside the bundle….


  • Ways to create fast results using proven techniques. 

  • Ability to reinstall the confidence you know you have and increase your confidence to achieve more.

  • What I have learned over the past 20 years that shifts you into a more confident state and equips you for new challenges. 


This is for you if you want to

  • Be more confident

  • Believe in yourself more

  • Step into the identity you want

  • Feel in alignment with who you truly are

  • Trust yourself to make the right decisions for you

  • Say yes to more opportunities such as speaking engagements

  • Start something new

  • Take your business to the next level

  • Have the confidence to speak up no matter the situation

  • Get visible on social, in life and in business 

  • Confidently use video

The Results


There are no quick fixes but there are certain shortcuts to confidence.


What does the Confidence in Business bundle give you?


This is the only confidence bundle you’ll ever need to start, reclaim and build confidence that supports you in your life and your business for years to come. 

Step into the confident YOU.

  • Learn exactly where to start with it comes to increasing your confidence

  • Confidently create choice in your life

  • Coaching NLP techniques made simple

  • Create and leverage your unique confidence strategy

  • Overcome beliefs standing in the way of your confidence. 

Hi I’m Nikki Hill

Over the past 25 years, I’ve worked with thousands of people who have needed help with their confidence.


One of the most common issues people face is a lack of self-belief and I want to help you change the way you see yourself.


I’ve created the Ultimate Bundle so that you can...


  • Go from curled up on the sofa to crushing it with confidence

  • Feel great in your own skin

  • Create the action that creates the life, career and business you want 


Let's face it...


Finding someone on the internet and knowing if they're actually qualified to deliver on what they're promising is no easy feat. Rather than leave you wondering here's a mini rundown about me that might help...

  • Certified iPEC Life Coach

  • Professional NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life Coach

  • Certified Mindset Coach

  • NLP Master Practitioner

  • ILM Professional Coaching with NLP Programme

  • Certified Gallup Strengths Coach

  • The Works - Byron Katie

  • Focussed Mindfulness Methods

  • Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling Skills (BACP approved)

  • WPF Certificate in Counselling Skills

  • ANLP Member

  • ICF Member

BUsiness Coaching

What clients are saying

Suzannah M, Therapy & Holistic Health Business Owner

I feel truly blessed to have been coached by Nikki who has enabled me to understand and overcome blocks and self limiting beliefs which had previously prevented me from progressing my business, passion and true path.

Nikki has a wonderful natural talent to see the potential in others before they are consciously aware themselves. She expertly navigated me around areas that had previously seemed overwhelming. Through her own life experience and extensive knowledge, Nikki sensitively helped me define priorities and accomplish tasks to expand myself and my business to what I only dreamed possible. Things began to flow quickly and easily and I have loved every moment of the journey!

I would absolutely recommend Nikki's coaching services to anyone who wants to unlock their super powers and sky rocket their business. 

From the bottom of my heart I thank you Nicola Hill - you are a dream maker!

Crush self-doubt, unlock rapid solutions, & conquer anxiety, assertiveness, or overwhelm. One-on-One coaching that gets results. Let's chat!

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