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5 Reasons why Successful People have a Coach

I was asked this week, why would an already successful person hire a coach?

Great question.

Let me start by answering the question by talking about the sporting world.

My favourite one to watch is tennis and so when I think about Wimbledon the idea of the tennis players turning up to compete not having trained with a coach or attending Wimbledon without their coach well it wouldn’t seem quite right.

If fact we’d probably find it strange and might even question their ability (especially if they started to lose).

We have become accustomed to seeing our sporting greats with their coach, many of whom become a coach in their later careers.

We see that they have exceptional talent and accept that by working with a coach they're able to enhance their performance. We consider their ability to continue to improve their performance and develop their winning mindset falls to working with a great performance coach.

So, the same could be said for any one of us. For us to live our best life, to reach our goals and dreams, to function at an optimal level having a coach is a great way forward.

Here are 5 reasons I came up with as to why its beneficial to hire a coach even if you’re already successful, in fact especially if you’re successful.

1. Coaching propels you toward achieving you goals faster. Successful people want to reach their

goals faster, be held accountable and enjoy the rewards of goals reached.

2. Successful people want personalised goals based on their specific challenges and life situations.

Successful people know that ‘winging it’ won’t work in all situations and want to take actionable

steps that relate to their specific challenges and goals with outcome in mind.

3. Successful people know they will have bad days and that everybody gets stuck, even successful

people and coaching helps with clarity and focus. Coaching supports you when you get blocked

and helps unpack what’s going on for you internally so that you continue to build self-awareness to

manage behaviours and actions. Coaching offers a trusted partnership that keeps the already

successful on track.

4. Successful people recognise the power of team. They know sustainable success comes from having

the right tribe around them and they invest time and money in making sure they do just that.

5. Successful people know that coaching increases confidence and enables a winning mindset.

So there you have it, 5 great reasons why coaching is an essential investment to successful people.

Think about it this way…

A person can stand on the side lines and tell you that you can do it, they can cheer you on and that might just be enough for that given situation.

We’ve all needed cheering on at times.

But what happens when they’re not there? What happens on the tough days?

What self-coaching are you able to do? What deep work has happened to move you forward?

We can cheer our favourite player on and know that we have contributed but can we really say that player won because of us or was it because they chose to invest in working with a coach and accelerate their talents whilst looking after their mindset.

Successful people find the right coach for them and often work with several at the same time.

Coaching cheers you on but more than that working with me as a NLP trainer practitioner you will have the toolkit you need to keep going when the cheering stops. You'll be able to self coach.

Is it the right time for you to have a coach?

Now is the time to commit. Book a call with me today to find out how coaching can take you to your next level success.


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