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Let's talk about money 💷

🚸 Did you earn pocket money as a child?

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Did you spend or save? What did your parents tell you to do with your money?

🐷 Do you remember the feeling of shaking your money box and hearing the sound the coins

made and they bumped into each other inside?

🧮 Do you remember that feeling of opening your first bank account and how grown up it felt?

🌍 Or did you grow up in a world where there wasn’t enough money?

🙀 Were you always scared to spend your money when you did have some?

When I was younger my brothers and I were fortunate to earn pocket money and we did this by helping around the house.

No help = no pocket money.

It was a battle of wits in our house when it came to what chores we did. You were particularly lucky if you were able to help my mother with the dogs. Our mother used to breed Labradors and so poop a scooping 💩 was very lucrative business. This smelly, messy and frequently needed task came with the most gold coin attached.

💰 There was some serious cash to be made and obvious cuteness. This is a picture of my brother John and I on poop scooping duty.

It’s Februarys Blog so of course I’m going to talk about love 🧡

Only, the love I’m going to talk about is the love of money. What’s your relationship with money?

Do you love money or love to hate it?

My childhood led me to believe you had to work hard in order to earn money (still do), you have to negotiate and beat others to the high value roles (don’t anymore) and that money is to be spent.

I watched my parent spend money freely so I inherited the mindset (the belief) that money should be spent. You should see the stress this causes my accountant 😃

What beliefs about money are you still carrying from your childhood?

There seems in the most part, two camps, scarcity or abundance.

What we believe truly does affect how much money we earn, how we create opportunities to earn and how we invest our money. Ideally, we want to be aiming to understand our relationship with money and create our own financial freedom. This freedom will look very different from one person to the next.

Have you ever asked yourself ‘what does financial freedom look like to me?”

Here is where a growth mindset once again benefits our lives and earning potential. If you keep telling yourself that money doesn’t matter or that you’re not motivated by money, you’re kidding yourself.

If you want to pay your mortgage without worry, go on several holidays, create a business that impacts lives, pay for your kids to go to University – then you are motivated by money.

Creating a healthy growth mindset towards money will help you master your money mindset.

So here’s a few things I know;

💷 Holding onto money is not going to make more of it, you need to create flow.

💷 Flow creates possibility.

💷 Possibility creates opportunity.

💷 If you come from a position of lacking, then lacking is what you’ll get.

💷 If you don’t invest the people you attract will not invest.

💷 When you invest in yourself, you increase your skills which in turn means you can increase things like your prices.

💷 You don’t progress if you stay in your comfort zone.

If it's your mission this year to create more abundance, to live from a growth mindset and to have financial freedom for yourself, Mindset Coaching is the perfect way to invest in yourself this Valentines.

I can’t wait to hear from you to start our relationship towards your relationship with SELF 🧡

It’s ok to LOVE 💖 money.

Happy Valentines Money Makers 💝

Love & Wealth

Nikki 🧡

About the Author

Hi, I’m Nikki a certified NLP Mindset Coach and entrepreneur. Thank you for being here.

I have over 20 years of experience in business, mainly in the field of Talent Acquisition, and during this time I met and worked with hundreds of people. It’s this passion for people, love of coaching and curiosity about human potential that has led me to start my own coaching business.

I work with passionate business owners who use transformative coaching to up level their business to make a bigger impact on the world. This powerful supportive face to face coaching works to increase self-belief and self-worth, gain skills and raise sales and income.

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