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The MORE Of list. A Resolution worth keeping.

It’s a New Year and many of us are being asked what resolutions we have made and whether we’ll stick to them.


I for one used to be useless. The number of times I’ve joined a gym in January with their discount and promise of the body beautiful. I’d get totally sucked in and hand over my credit card, do one session, break out in hives and am never seen again.

In fact, I could probably finance a trip to Barbados for 6 months with the amount I’ve paid on unused gym memberships.

All hail the new lockdown as we can at least simply avoid the who is your personal trainer conversations right now. Silver lining.

Have you ever noticed that resolutions can sometimes turn us defensive (see sentence above) or even worse feeling bad about ourselves?

So, I say don’t bother, why waste your time and your money.


Resolutions are a tradition, but a tradition that is, for most of us, going to fail. Therefore, this tradition albeit familiar is not serving us.

It’s funny really that we stay so loyal to this tradition when we know in ourselves whether it works for us or not.

If you are in the NOT GROUP, which according to a study by Richard Wiseman from the University of Bristol involving 3,000 people which showed that 88% of those who set a New Year resolution fail then most of us will be 😫

Now having said all that I am actually a fan and have learnt through many failed attempted that with a little planning and the following, we are more likely to succeed💥

First things first, make sure you are setting realistic goals. 20 minutes on the treadmill was never going to make me into Charlize Theron.

And who says you have to do them all at once, spread them out. Start with one goal at a time.

Share your plans for change with your friends and family and ask for encouragement and support.

Be persistent. Changing habits takes time.

Ok, so that’s the basics covered now on to what else we can do to achieve success.

Our brains seek reward and looks to avoid pain and discomfort. Therefore, when we take things away our human reaction is to want them even more.

So, I’ve developed the ‘MORE OF’ list. I know I know it sounds greedy, bear with me.

By focussing on the end result and the positive we are more likely to achieve our goal.

So, if you want to lose weight, focus on eating more healthy food and more exercise.

Feeling like you don’t have any downtime, think of ways you can create more free time. What are your time thief’s?

Want to do some financial planning. Think of more ways to save money and more ways to make money.

If you want to learn something new. Attend more classes, read more books, go to more Masterclasses.

If we approach each change with the Mindset that we will get MORE and go gently and persistently then we are more likely to achieve our goal.

Making resolutions work involves changing behaviours and in order to change a behaviour, you have to change your thinking (or reprogramme your brain). You need to change the pattern and this takes times.

This is where working with a coach can really make a difference. NLP coaching can support you achieve and keep the promises of change you make yourself this New Year.

Nikki 🧡

Let’s work together


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